May 12, 2015

Picente and Maciol Announce Changes in Senior Nutrition Program

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New Contract Improves Quality, Reduces Waiting List and Restores Hot Daily Meals

County Executive Picente today, announced a new contract to provide meals to seniors in Oneida County that take part in the Senior Nutrition Program. Currently there are approximately 700 persons receiving home delivered meals and 150 meals at eleven congregate dining sites throughout the County.

In late 2014, With increased costs; a waiting list for home delivered meals; and the implementation of frozen meals for several OFA clients, at the direction of County Executive Picente, Oneida County began exploring alternatives for the Senior Nutrition Program “Meals on Wheels” aimed at increasing quality, efficiency, and cost savings.

Picente said “This is what government should be doing. We didn’t wait for more money from the federal or state government. We worked together locally and solved the problem to the benefit of everyone.”

Trinity Foods, who also provides food services to Oneida County Jail, submitted a proposal for $7.35 per meal. The savings will be .60 per meal from the requested amount of $7.95 per meal cost by the current provider. Overall, annual savings is estimated to be approximately $120,000.

Sheriff Rob Maciol said “This is a perfect example of government working to share services in order to become more efficient, deliver a better quality service to our residents while saving the taxpayers money. It’s a win-win and the Sheriff’s Office is pleased to be a part of providing for our county’s seniors.”

By utilizing a shared County facility and food service provider Oneida County will improve the quality of food and delivery; increase management and oversight; restore daily hot meal delivery; and help reduce the home delivered meal wait list which has been in effect since 2013.

Picente went on to say “We were pleased to come to this solution. We were able to save the taxpayer money, provide better quality service while reducing the waiting list and restoring hot daily meals for our seniors.”

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