October 17, 2018

Picente & DePerno Announce New Safety Measure at Utica DMV

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Joint Effort to Install Security Cameras Latest in Effort to Improve Experience

The Oneida County Department of Motor Vehicles has taken another step in improving security measures at its Utica office that will increase safety and assist local law enforcement to combat illegal activities ranging from fraud to identity theft.

Throughout the area of the Utica DMV, which is located in the county-owned Union Station facility on Main Street, security cameras have been installed by the Oneida County Department of Public Works in conjunction with the Oneida County Clerk’s office to better monitor activities.

“We continue to work on improving our work environment for our employees and our residents,” said Oneida County Clerk Sandra DePerno. “This includes today’s announcement that security cameras have been activated in and around the location of the Utica DMV. This is good for safety but also will help law enforcement combat possible fraud or identity theft and things of that nature.”

This is one step in improving security for all public buildings that Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. has begun to institute in the wake of an increase in mass shootings throughout the country, and perceived inaction by higher levels of government to address gun violence, mental health and other issues associated with these situations.

Picente has already taken action to place Special Patrol Officers in schools and county buildings, and is working on creating emergency plans for public buildings and other soft targets in the community.

“Our number one goal in county government is public health and safety,” Picente said. “Union Station, a County-owned asset, is protected in a myriad of ways. We have placed Special Patrol Officers in the station at all times. We have created evacuation plans and emergency situation plans and now we have instituted cameras throughout the main area. I thank Clerk DePerno for working with us to make our government buildings as safe as possible.

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