July 7, 2015

Oneida County Public Market Receives National Recognition for a Third Year

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The Oneida County Public Market has again made the list of the “101 Best Farmers Markets in America for 2014” developed by an online food and drink website, The Daily Meal, for a third consecutive year.  The site covers food related news and events happening across the country including restaurant ratings, wine and beverage recommendations, recipes, and photos. 

“We rely on farmers and producers for fresh, locally grown and locally produced food that we buy at our community farmers markets. They provide us the best of the best-quality foods that are free of pesticides and genetically modified ingredients. And the best part is the food sold there is made by farmers and producers who love what they do and do it with a smile,” states Haley Willard, assistant editor, in the article that released the list (www.thedailymeal.com/101-best-farmers-markets-in-america.)  This year a total of seven New York State farmers markets made the list, up from 5 in 2013.  The markets were ranked primarily on three criteria: what’s at the market (quality and variety of products sold,) street credibility (what people are saying about the market,) and when the market is open (weekly, year round.)  However, other elements such as the atmosphere experienced at the market, how friendly and helpful the vendors are, and what kind of information is made available about the market and its vendors were also considered in 2014.

“This is the type of success I envisioned when we invested money into renovating the historic REA Wing.  In 4 years we have seen this market become one of the top markets in the Country. Along with its success we have seen the rapid redevelopment of the historic Baggs Square area of Utica.  We must continue to support this market and the redevelopment happening here in Baggs Square.” – Anthony J. Picente Jr, Oneida County Executive

“The Oneida County Public Market continues to grow with a quality variety of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, breads and artisan crafts.  The community continues to support local farmers and producers and we deeply appreciate that.  As Union Station becomes an active hub of community activity, the Public Market will serve as an anchor activity for the facility.  We are very excited about being a significant part of the future of Union Station and the redevelopment of Bagg’s Square.” stated Beth Irons, Market Manager.  

The Oneida County Public Market is located in the former Railroad Express Agency Wing of Union Station.  Built almost a century ago, the structure served as a transfer building from the rails to local delivery for over fifty years.  With the shift from rail to truck transport, use of the facility declined until it was closed in the 1960’s.  Redevelopment of the space began in 2011 with County Executive Anthony J. Picente’s commitment to explore all possible alternatives to increase economic activity in the area.  The Oneida County Public Market blends the needs of consumers with those of the region’s long-standing agribusiness sector.  The Market runs every Saturday during through October 25 from 9AM to 1PM.  Holiday and winter market dates can be found by visiting www.oneidacountymarket.com , liking us on facebook, or by calling 798-3639 for more information or to become a vendor.

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