June 11, 2012

Oneida County Emergency Animal Response Team Development Plans

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Oneida County Disaster Planning Committee volunteers are currently developing a contingency plan regarding emergency companion animal services, followed by a plan for livestock and horses in the event of a local disaster. The Committee is looking to form an active emergency County Animal Response Team (CART) that would be ready when needed. The plan would include the development of Pet Friendly Shelter Evacuation sites throughout the county in designated disaster zones.

We are looking to recruit professional animal welfare volunteer personnel from all sectors of the public. People who love animals and want to help are also being recruited. This would include veterinarians and their support staff, veterinary technicians, assistants, kennel operators and/or groomers, administrative and record keeping/intake specialists, people with computer skills, Animal Control and/or Dog Control Officers, animal shelter personnel, laborers and caretakers, retired or active law enforcement, transportation professionals who can operate trucks and other vehicles (snowmobilers, etc.), swift water rescue personnel, dog and cat handlers, wildlife rehabilitators, other companion animal handlers (including birds, caged animals and exotic pets) and experienced equine and livestock individuals to include: cattle, donkeys, llama, sheep, goats, pigs, etc. We are also looking for people who would like to join the committee for the CART development team. We are especially seeking people with experience in disaster and emergency planning.

Please join our team so that Oneida County can be ready to respond if and when a disaster emergency occurs. The volunteer application is available on the Oneida County 911 Services Web Site at www.ocgov.net. Volunteers can download and return the application via E-mail or they can mail it to: Oneida County Emergency Services, 120 Base Road, Oriskany, New York, 13424; Phone: 315.765.2527, Fax: 315.765.2529, E-mail: 911@ocgov.net.

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