March 9, 2012

Oneida County Donates Surplus Car To Assist Clark Mills Volunteer Fire Department

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Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. and Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol today announced that Oneida County has donated a surplus car to the Clark Mills Volunteer Fire Department to help the Department reduce its costs.

“When cars are taken out of the sheriff’s fleet once the miles pile up, they still have a useful life, and we think it is a wise use of tax dollars to donate anything that can be used rather than have it sitting idle,” Picente said. “The Clark Mills Department had informed us that they could use an all-purpose vehicle and we were able to find one that met their needs. Collaboration and sharing in small ways is one of the actions we can take to reduce costs and forge stronger partnerships.”

Sheriff Maciol said that the donation was part of his efforts to maximize the return on what taxpayers put into his department. “Everything that we do should benefit the people of Oneida County in some way, and help reduce the costs of providing services. For the Clark Mills Volunteer Fire Department, this means that instead of paying volunteers mileage when they go to training or other department-related activities, the Department can use a car that was not needed by my office. This donation made sense, and we are pleased we could help the Clark Mills volunteers.”

Clark Mills Fire Chief David Misak said that he appreciated the county’s assistance in securing the Ford Crown Victoria. “For a volunteer fire department, every cost is a big cost. Having this vehicle helps us save money on mileage, and it helps us out by having a vehicle at our disposal that is not as costly as an emergency response vehicle when we get calls for road closures and other concerns. I want to thank the County Executive and the Sheriff for working with us and helping us out.’

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