May 28, 2021

Oneida County COVID-19 Update for May 28, 2021

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PLEASE NOTE: Beginning this weekend, case numbers will no longer be released on Saturdays and Sundays. Those days will be included in the numbers released on Mondays. However, due to the Memorial Day holiday on May 31st, the first release of case numbers next week, will take place on June 1st.

Here are the Oneida County COVID-19 case numbers as of midnight on May 27:

  • 15 new positive cases, 22,087* total. *(Upon further investigation, 1 positive case was removed from the previous total.)
  • 124 active positive cases.
  • 1 new COVID-19-related death, 427 total.
  • 8 patients are hospitalized in Oneida County.
    • 6 at MVHS
    • 2 at Rome Health
  • 5 residents are hospitalized out of county.
  • 21,536 positive cases have been resolved.
  • 794,832 total negative results.
  • 816,919 total tests.
  • 124 mandatory isolation.
  • 230 in mandatory quarantine.

Updated Oneida County COVID-19 Dashboard:

As of 2/8/21, vaccine numbers are released on Mondays and the totals are through the end of the previous week.

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