August 11, 2020

Oneida County Awarded $897,000 NASA Task

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Vertiport Automation Analysis to be Conducted at Griffiss International Airport

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. announced today that the county has been awarded an $897,000 task order for Advanced Air Mobility development through a NASA contract with its UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport.

The county’s UAS test site in Rome—one of just seven sanctioned by the FAA in the U.S.—will conduct research for NASA in automation technology to support high-density vertiport operations that allow for vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

“Oneida County’s long-standing partnership with NASA has proven to be a productive one,” Picente said. “Together, we have conducted crucial research that has led to transformative advancements in the UAS industry. I look forward to the impact this new collaboration will have on the future of this emerging technology.”

The task order is part of NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate Integrated Aviation Systems Program Advanced Air Mobility Project. The work conducted will help support the project in understanding barriers to the operation of vertiports, developing infrastructure requirements needed to increase their scale and maturing automation technologies to support the growth of their traffic.

The task will also help mature testing range requirements for the Advanced Air Mobility national campaign series which expects to host future events highlighting high-volume vertiport operations for passenger-carrying eVTOL operations.

The goal of the research is to develop technology that will support safe, secure, resilient and efficient heavy-lift UAS cargo delivery and passenger carrying.

The task is the latest in a line of orders from NASA and will be executed over the next year. Additional work is expected to be awarded as a result.

“This new NASA task order has positioned Oneida County to be the leader in Advanced Air Mobility development,” said Oneida County Aviation Commissioner Chad Lawrence. “It is a testament to the high quality of work conducted by our UAS Test Site and its partners.”

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