April 6, 2015

National Public Health Week celebrates the many successes of public health

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In recognition of National Public Health Week (NPHW), April 6th – 11th, Oneida County Health Department invites the public to Chat Live with Health Department staff on April 9th from 1:00 – 3:00 pm to get their questions answered on Flu & Immunization, Car Seat Safety, Rabies and Tics/Lyme Disease. The American Public Health Association sets aside this week each year to remind Americans about the importance of public health in their lives.  NPHW is a time to recognize progress we have made in strengthening and protecting the public health and to rededicate ourselves to the work of improving the health and well-being of Americans by preventing disease, supporting medical research, and promoting safer and healthier communities.

NPHW is an opportunity to recognize not only the important work of public health workers in communities across our country, but also the role that every citizen plays in the  campaign effort to be the “Healthiest Nation 2030."   NPHW is a particularly appropriate time for emphasizing the need to focus our collective energy on the singular goal of helping people live longer, happier, healthier lives.

"The successes of public health often go unrecognized.” said Phyllis Ellis, Director of the Oneida County Health Department.  “In fact, most people may not know that public health accomplishments were responsible for vaccines, control of infectious diseases, safer and healthier foods, car seat safety and recognition of tobacco use as a health hazard.”

"Public health is so often invisible because our job is to prevent problems before they occur," Ellis said. "Only when the occasional problem surfaces, like a foodborne disease outbreak, does the public get a good sense of the work we do around the clock to protect and in many ways in which life is improved with public health.” An infographic that highlights some of the concrete numbers and tangible benefits OCHD has brought to our community over the last three years has been prepared and made available to the public at OCGOV.NET. 

The public can access the Live Chat session at OCGOV.NET by clicking on the National Public Health Week Live Chat link on April 9th from 1 – 3 pm. They will then be enrolled in a private one-on-one conversation with an OCHD staff member for their selected topic of choice. If anyone is unable to participate, commonly asked questions and answers will be posted after the LIVE CHAT ends.

Achieving true public health success would not be possible without the contributions of many organizations in Oneida County, including state agencies, non-profit and community organizations, health care providers, schools, faith communities, citizens and the county leadership under the direction of County Executive, Anthony J. Picente, Jr.

National Public Health Week: http://www.nphw.org/

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