October 27, 2011

Microenterprise Grant assists Fish Creek Cabin Resort to begin operations in Taberg, NY

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(Town of Annsville,NY)  Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, Jr. announced today that Fish Creek Cabin Resort, LLC has received an Oneida County Microenterprise Grant in the amount of $34,200 to assist its startup operations.

The Oneida County Microenterprise Grant program, administered by Mohawk Valley EDGE, utilizes Community Development Block Grant funding through the NYS Office of Community Renewal. Due to CDBG program requirements, only startup and existing microenterprises that are outside of the cities of Utica and Rome are eligible for funding. A microenterprise is defined as a business with five or fewer employees, including the owner.

The grant will assist Fish Creek Cabin Resort with working capital as they commence a $1.44m civic, recreational and eco-tourism destination project that is transforming a once blighted landscape in the Town of Annsville from an income dormant rental housing community into a 7-acre four-season economically viable recreation campus.  

The project will maximize the natural landscape and conservation elements of the East Branch of the Fish Creek.  It enhances and improves the environmental impact of the site by: reducing the carbon footprint and taking advantage of renewable energy opportunities for Fish Creek Cabins.

“We have seen a significant increase in our tourism industry, thanks in large part to our good working relationship with partners such as Mohawk Valley EDGE and the Oneida County Convention of Visitors and Tourism Bureau. I believe Fish Creek Cabin Resort will build on this momentum, and hope that this microenterprise grant will assist them as they begin their venture,” said Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, Jr.

Fish Creek Cabin Resort, LLC will hire four part-time employees in addition to two full time employees.  The site will use local contractors and sub-contractors to build and install 28 cabins and a number of outbuildings on the property.  

For Kayaking, Fish Creek is considered one of the best Class 3 “play rivers” in American with a 5 star rating in Dennis Squire’s Guide to NY State Whitewater.  Sports enthusiast who will frequent the resort come from around the country for kayaking, cross country skiing, fishing; all activities drawing upon manpower and not electrical or gas resources.  

“Fish Creek Cabin Resort is grateful to Oneida County and Mohawk Valley EDGE, stated Tim Schoen.  “EDGE’s confidence and support in our vision has been the catalyst leading to other financial and programmatic partnerships.” The Schoen family’s long term commitment to the Mohawk Valley region has been validated by the Oneida County Industrial Development Agency’s granting of a PILOT and the invaluable microenterprise grant we have received.”  

“We would be remiss not to also thank Adirondack Bank, Mountainman Outdoor Old Forge, NY, the Town of Annsville and E. W. B. Alternative Energy West Winfield, NY.  There is also the USDA’s support of our commitment to renewable energy through a renewable energy grant of $20,000 to Schoen Sales and Service, Inc., our partner is constructing the project’s 28 wet and dry cabins” continued Tim Schoen.

"Rural Development is committed to enhancing the quality of life in rural New York. We have provided over $6 million to Oneida County in 2011 through our business and housing programs. This funding is an important part of the Obama Administration's plan to conserve natural resources, create jobs and lead our country on the path to becoming more energy independent. On behalf of Rural Development, I would like to congratulate Fish Creek Cabin Resort on their investment in renewable electricity,” said Jill Harvey, USDA Rural Development NY State Director.

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