April 11, 2013

County Executive Picente Announces New Informational Website

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Herkimer-Oneida Counties Census Data Affiliate Officially Opens Blog

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente announced today that they are now operating a census and data related blog in order to make information more readily available to the public, private agencies, businesses and policy makers. The blog can be found at: http://hocensus.blogspot.com and is administered by The Herkimer-Oneida County Census Data Affiliate.

County Executive Picente said “Information exchange and engagement with the public is changing rapidly. A commitment of my administration has always been to provide as much information to the public in a streamlined way. This is another step in that ongoing process. I encourage everyone to take the time and visit this blog”

Running the blog should allow the affiliate office to provide a wider range of data than has been available in the past.  While traditionally the county’s static website has had the basic census data, the blog should allow the capture of a much wider range of data on a regular basis that will help to publicize new data in a more timely fashion.  Information to be posted on the blog would include data concerning: inflation, the cost of living, employment and unemployment, heath issues, education, youth at risk data, crime, agriculture, religious affiliations, grant writing, and many more.  These are in addition to all of the more traditional Census related data made available as a resource to the public.

The establishment of a Herkimer-Oneida Counties Census Data Affiliate Center blog will provide a greater opportunity to provide Census related information to the end users:  local government officials, public and not-for-profit agencies, as well as general public.

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