Water Quality and Water Pollution Control

The Oneida County Department of Water Quality and Water Pollution Control (WQ&WPC) is responsible for administering the operations of the Oneida County Sewer District (OCSD). The District includes 13 member municipalities and services the Village of  Holland Patent and portions of the Towns of Frankfort and Schulyer in Herkimer County   via intermunicipal agreements.

District facilities include 45 miles of interceptor sewers, the Sauquoit Creek and the Barnes Avenue Pumping Stations and the Oneida County Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP), the 7th largest municipal wastewater treatment facility in upstate New York and the 20th largest in the entire state

In addition to the services provided to the member municipalities, the District also provides disposal of septage, contaminated water from groundwater remediation sites and landfill leachate from other locations within Oneida County - The Department is also responsible for insuring compliance with Federal pretreatment regulations that apply to all significant industrial users (SIU's) of the WPCP.  The Department inspects, samples and regulates discharges to the WPCP that have the potential to be detrimental to the sewer system, operating facilities or personnel.  It is also responsible for enforcement of the Oneida County Sewer Use Rules and Regulations as contained in Local Law No. 1 of 2006.