Oneida County COVID-19 Dashboard

The Oneida County COVID-19 Dashboard includes data on testing, hospitalizations, deaths, recoveries as well as call volumes and quarantines.



Oneida County Mental Health Hotline: 1-800-678-0888

Oneida County Health Department COVID-19 hotline: 315-798-5431

Oneida County Department of Family and Community Services’ helpline: 315-798-5439

2019 Novel Coronavirus Hotline – New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)
* Call 1-888-364-3065 for Information about Coronavirus





Most Recent COVID-19 Update May 31, 2020



Oneida County COVID-19 Update Briefing Archive


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Oneida County Public Face Covering Information

To read the Oneida County Public Health Order on face coverings, please click here.

Signage for Businesses to Post


Mohawk Valley/Central New York Restart Flow Chart


Oneida County COVID-19 Business Impact Survey

Oneida County is conducting a survey in partnership with Mohawk Valley EDGE, the Rome Area Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce, the Genesis Group of the Mohawk Valley and the Central New York Defense Alliance, to identify and assess the impacts of COVID-19 on Oneida County businesses

More than 300 companies have responded to the survey so far, and the results can be viewed here

Responses to the survey are still being accepted. You can take it here

Your individual responses will remain confidential and data collected and disseminated will be aggregated. Information will be used to assist in helping to mitigate the impacts to our economy and to connect your business with the quickly evolving tools and resources you need during this challenging time.

Complaint Forms Available to Report Violations of Coronavirus Mandates

In an effort to help enforce the state mandates put in place to limit the spread of coronavirus, people can now report non-essential gatherings or essential businesses in violation of state regulations.

The New York State Department of Labor says a complaint can be filed against an employer for the following reasons:

  • You are being forced to work at a non-essential business
  • You know about a business that is non-essential and is operating
  • You are being forced to work for an essential business, however:
    • You do not perform an essential function
    • Your employer is making you report to a worksite when your job could be performed from home
    • Your employer is not following health and safety mandates
    • You are particularly frightened because you are over 70 and/or you have an underlying illness.
  • Your employer has failed to pay you wages owed for hours worked, earned sick pay or paid time off
  • Your employer has threatened or fired you for reasons related to COVID-19
  • You qualify for COVID-19 paid sick leave and your employer refuses to pay it
  • Your employer is forcing you to work when you are sick

To file a complaint, visit:

To fill out the New York State COVID-19 ‘New York on PAUSE’ Enforcement Task Force Violation Complaint Form, visit:

The state asks that people review guidance on the recent executive orders before filing a complaint. For more information on what is considered an essential business, visit:

To anonymously report an Oneida County business violating gathering, social distancing or face covering orders to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office for investigation, please contact Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers.

Small Business Administration Information

Small Business Paycheck Protection Program

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Information Sheet

Paycheck Protection Program Borrower Application Form

Current Lenders

Business Loan Program Temporary Changes; Paycheck Protection Program



COVID-19 was initially detected in Wuhan City, China back in December 2019. It is now spreading worldwide. Confirmed cases are growing in countries internationally and the virus is now spreading in the United States. COVID-19 causes fever, cough and shortness of breath. This is a rapidly changing situation. Please regularly check this site, NYS Department of Health and the CDC for updates.

Oneida County is closely working with New York State Department of Health along with CDC, and other partners to implement measures to slow and contain transmission of COVID-19.

If you have traveled to a country with an outbreak of COVID-19,  please contact your local health department. To contact Oneida County Health Department, call 315-798-5431.

If you have traveled internationally, please visit Coronavirus Disease 2019 Information for Travel

COVID-19 Testing

With 1,019 confirmed cases of COVID-19 currently in Oneida County (as of 5/31/20), and many more tests awaiting results, the Oneida County Health Department, Mohawk Valley Health System, Slocum Dickson Medical Group and Rome Memorial Hospital are providing guidance for testing procedures.

Testing for COVID-19 is now being limited to those who are at highest risk based on CDC guidelines for priority testing. In order to determine when it is appropriate to self-isolate and when it is appropriate to call a physician or healthcare provider, the public should adhere to the following:

Self-isolate if:

• You have mild symptoms (slight fever and cough).

• You have recently traveled and are displaying respiratory symptoms and fever.

• Believe you might have been exposed to a person suspected to have COVID-19.

• Don’t have any chronic medical conditions and aren’t immunocompromised.

Those self-isolating should stay home for 14 days, monitoring symptoms. If symptoms worsen, contact your doctor/healthcare provider.

Call physician/healthcare provider if:

• You self-isolated because of mild symptoms and aren’t getting better.

• You have COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough and shortness of breath) and you have any chronic medical conditions or are immunocompromised (ex. diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease, chronic kidney disease or taking immunosuppressive medications).

Please do not report to a physician’s office, urgent care or emergency room unannounced.

New York State Essential Worker Testing

  • Diagnostic COVID-19 testing for essential workers is taking place at Griffiss International Airport. For more information, see the attached flyer.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Testing is available by appointment to a wide variety of essential workers such as service and education workers and not limited to only healthcare and first responders. Please see the flyer for the full list.
  • Agency workers such as EMS, fire and law enforcement are encouraged to drive through the testing site in a civilian vehicle for their tests.


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Oneida County

Mental Health Resources and Contacts

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Senior Shopping Hours for Local Businesses

Oneida County Sheriff's Home Alone Checklist for Kids

Convalescent Plasma COVID-19 Donor Request Form

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Please remember to use a paper towel or sleeve to open the lavatory door when exiting the lavatory

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A COVID-19 Message from the County Executive

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