Utica Safe Schools/Underground Cafe

Agency:  Utica Safe Schools/Underground Café

Volunteer Projects:   St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Spaghetti Dinner, Intergenerational Spring Clean-Up, Build-A-Bike, Graffiti Busters Day of Action, Players of Utica Clean-Up Day, West Utica Graffiti Day, School Supply Drive, Intergenerational Fall Clean-Up, Black Friday Set-Up

Summary: Youth volunteers built a float and entered the float in Utica’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade Saturday March 15th. The float’s theme was to raise awareness of Utica Safe School’s (USS) annual Build-A-Bike event. The volunteers enjoyed building the float and participating in the parade. They felt it was a great way to make people aware of the Build-A-Bike event.

Sunday April 27th youth volunteers served spaghetti dinners and deserts to people from the Parkinson Home and Westminister Church Community. The event was wonderful and everyone involved with the event was very appreciative of the help from the youth.

On Saturday May 3rd youth volunteers from the Underground Café volunteered their time to clean senior citizen’s yards that no longer can physically do the work or financially afford to have the work done in Oneida County’s 6th Annual Intergenerational Spring Clean-Up.

Youth volunteers spent many hours promoting the USS Annual Build-A-Bike event and on Sunday May 31st they tagged the bicycles, assisted mechanics, helped children select bikes and helped fit the children with new helmets during the Build-A-Bike event. They also handed out health and wellness information to youth and families at the event.

Youth volunteers volunteered their time Friday June 19th to paint over graffiti throughout the city of Utica as part of the United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica area’s day of Action.

Tuesday August 26th youth volunteers assisted in cleaning the inside and surrounding outside area of the Players of Utica Theater. This service helped the Players of Utica prepare for an upcoming event.

Youth volunteers participated Wednesday August 27th in a West Utica Graffiti Day to upgrade and beautify the facades of buildings that were defaced. They also painted over and removed graffiti from fire hydrants and stop signs.


Friday September 5th youth volunteers stuffed bags with school supplies that were given to families and students in need of those supplies.

Youth volunteers volunteered their time on Saturday October 25th to once again, clean senior citizen’s yards in Oneida County’s 6th Annual Intergenerational Fall Clean-Up.

Youth volunteers moved tables, etc., on Tuesday November 25th to help set up for the Annual Cornerstone Church Black Friday Sale. The sale allows families to shop for brand new gifts for the holidays at discounted prices.

Utica Safe Schools has a commitment to ensure a sense of civic pride and responsibility in the youth we serve to better connect them to their community and to help them understand the importance of giving back to the community that has been so giving to them.

Youth Volunteers:  126                                                           Volunteer Hours:  474.5