The Salvation Army

Agency: The Salvation Army

Volunteer Projects: Neighborhood clean-up and Nursing Home visits

Summary: The week of Earth Day, youth volunteers from the Get Yourself Motivated (GYM) After School Youth Program learned the importance of taking care of the earth, community, stewardship etc. After numerous sessions discussing the environment, the youth decided to make a plan for a community clean-up. On Tuesday June 10, 2014, those youth volunteers cleaned the neighborhood located around the Salvation Army in Utica. They picked up all the litter on the streets and sidewalks. The children felt good on what they were able to accomplish and their efforts did not go unnoticed as many people shouted “good job” and complimented them on a job well done.

On Sunday December 14, 2014, youth volunteers from the GYM After School Youth Program visited three (3) local nursing homes; the Pines at Utica, Masonic Care Community and Heritage Health Center. They interacted with the residents and gained a greater appreciation for the elders. They also spread some Christmas cheer by giving the residents a mug and plushie to almost 700 residents! The youth liked being able to give gifts to the residents and felt good when the residents said that they were looking forward to seeing them and thanked them for visiting.

Youth Volunteers: 17                                                             Volunteer Hours: 9.5