Welcome Home Veterans

             Oneida County appreciates the contributions that all veterans have made.   To better serve you, please visit the:

Center for Veterans, 726 Washington Street, Utica, NY.

 The “Oneida County desk” will have representatives from the following departments:

            Veteran’s Service Agency: entitlement information, advocacy assistance in matters relating to veteran’s law regarding compensation, pension, education, vocational, and healthcare, assistance in completing applications and requesting military records.
            Department of Social Services: information for food stamps, temporary assistance, child support, child care, Medicaid and emergency assistance, also services to adults and children through child protective/preventive, foster care and adult protective services.
            Department of Mental Health: information and linkages for housing, medication assistance, substance abuse and mental health counseling and crises intervention services.
            Office for the Aging/Continuing Care: information and assistance on community based long-term care programs. Assessments, care planning for persons over age 60 and those under age 60 who are disabled also information for family caregivers, and respite service for family caregivers.