Public Information

A project of this scope and magnitude requires input and feedback from all levels to ensure appropriate representation along with careful consideration of the various impacts the project will have on the economic stability and 
future growth of the communities affected.

The Oneida County Sewer District and county government officials 
involved  in this project are committed to keeping the public and all stakeholders well-informed and are encouraging input and open dialogue 
from each community through a designated Steering Committee 

Throughout this multi-year project, our web site will provide you with 
up-to-date legal, financial, environmental and engineering -related progress and findings as well as the Sewer District’s Advisory Board and Steering Committee’s activities, project milestones and timetables, and other project activities.

In addition, our project team’s public information consultants will be issuing regular project bulletins and will be working firsthand with member communities to disseminate information through their town/village
newsletters, web sites and other communications vehicles. We welcome 
any suggestions you might have that will facilitate your need and desire for project-related information.

Please check back on a regular basis and feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Oneida County Sewer District Mitigation Project Bulletin Issue 3

Oneida County Sewer District Mitigation Project Bulletin

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