Notary Public Walk-In Examination

  1. Take the exam. You can register for an exam at the test site, on the day of the exam. Refer to the schedule below to find the most convenient location, date and time for you to take an upcoming exam.
  2. Apply for your commission. After you pass the Notary Public exam you must submit the original "PASSED" notice with your application form, your signed oath of office card and fee within two years.
  3. Read this information sheet. Don't be surprised on the day of your exam. Read the following information about the location of test centers, fees, topics of exam questions, and more.

Is there an exam fee?

Yes, there is a $15 fee for each exam you take. You may pay by check or money order made payable to the Department of State or charge the fee to MasterCard or Visa. Cash will not be accepted. A $20 fee will be charged for any check that is returned for insufficient funds. Application and exam fees are nonrefundable.

What are the eligibility requirements for a commission?

You must be at least 18 years of age at the time you apply. Nonresidents (including attorneys admitted to practice in New York State) must have an office or a place of business within the state to become a Notary Public.

What are the regulations and procedures at the test center?

  • You must bring a photo ID card to the test center on the day of your exam to verify your identity. If you do not have a photo ID, you will not be admitted. For security reasons, all applicants are thumb printed prior to taking the exam.
  • Be early. Give yourself some time before the exam. You should report to the test center at least 15 minutes prior to the starting time because seats are assigned on a first-come/first-served basis. We cannot guarantee that enough space will be available to accommodate everyone who arrives.
  • Bring acceptable supplies. You should bring two #2 pencils to the exam. You cannot use study or reference material during the exam.
  • You will be given a maximum time limit of 1 hour to take this exam.
  • Note:   Examination proctors may, at their discretion, dismiss from the test center any person who is found cheating or engaging in practices contrary to the rules and regulations of proper examination conduct.

What type of examination is given?

The written exam is multiple choice. You will mark your answer by filling in circles (•) on a machine-readable score sheet.

Exam topics include: law, general terms and information related to the duties and functions of a notary public, as outlined in the Notary Public License Law booklet available from the Division of Licensing Services.

What is a passing score?

You must correctly answer at least 70 percent of the questions to pass the exam. However, we report all exam results as either passed or failed; you will not get a numerical score.

When and how do I get my exam results?

We will notify you by mail as soon as your exam results are available. Results will not be given over the telephone, so please do not call Licensing Services for them.

When you pass the written exam, we will send you an examination application slip marked "PASSED." That original slip (not a copy) must be submitted with your application form, fee and oath of office card (signed and notarized), etc. (Complete application details are provided in the application form instructions.)

Note:   Failure to apply for a commission within two years of the date of the examination will invalidate the results.

Applicants who fail will receive a notice in the mail. They may retake the written exam on a date and time of their choice. Exam schedules are updated twice a year.

Schedule: Notary Public Walk-In Examination

Test sites and times are subject to change and exams may be canceled due to weather conditions or other emergencies. If hazardous weather conditions exist in your area, you may call 518-474-4429 to see if an exam has been canceled. Please do not call the test centers listed below.

If you need assistance or exam information, you may contact a Division of Licensing Services office in your area or call the Albany phone center at 518-474-4429. TDD users may contact the New York State relay operator at 1-800-662-1220.

Test at the Utica State Office Building , 207 Genesee Street , 1st Floor, Room 107

New testing times  -  Tuesdays - ( 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.)

No one will be admitted to an examination after the specified starting time.