Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP+)

When children have a high level of lead in their blood (5 ug/dl or greater), we look inside and outside the home for possible sources of lead. We can test the paint, dust, water and soil around the home. Window sills, molding, and doors are a common source of lead. There is no charge for the testing.
In addition to assessing home conditions for lead paint hazards, CLPPP+ staff also assess for additional possible sources of lead hazards such as food, spices, dishes, toys and incense. CLPPP+ staff offer education related to lead poisoning prevention and nutrition to families receiving services. In addition, developmental assessments of lead poisoned children are offered to families.

We talk with family members about:

• where the lead hazards are in the home
• how to stop children from being exposed
• how to clean the areas where lead is found
• how to get a child tested for lead
• how to get help from other programs

We also offer community presentations.

For additional information related to the effects of lead poisoning and lead poisoning prevention, please visit (

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