Initiative the Product of Regional Coalition

“Oneida and Herkimer Counties Launch ‘Get Moving!’ and ‘MAINTAIN – Don’t Gain’ A campaign intended to address obesity and proper nutrition is the product of the Regional Health Council,(RHC), a collaborative born out of the 2009-2010 Regional Health Summit which conducted county-wide health assessments and prioritized health issues in both Oneida and Herkimer Counties. 

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. was joined by Herkimer County Administrator James Wallace and members of the Regional Health Council in announcing the launch of the “Get Moving” campaign, designed to improve the health and wellness of Oneida and Herkimer County residents by encouraging proper nutrition and physical activity in schools, the workplace and the community at-large. 

“Poor eating habits combined with a sedentary lifestyle, and subsequent obesity, particularly among our youth, have been shown to be contributing factors if not the cause of many serious health problems including hypertension, heart disease, stroke and some forms of cancer,” Picente said. He added, “Our hope is that this initiative will improve the long-term health outcomes and reduce health care costs associated with obesity for those living in our region of New York State.”
Herkimer County Administrator James Wallace says research supports the success of initiatives like “Get Moving!” that provide interventions at all levels of the community.
“An initial phase of the “Get Moving!” campaign is the development and distribution of a handbook which is a collection of practical and effective physical activities and nutritional guidelines that will be made available to students, people in the workplace and the general public. The “Get Moving!” handbook is a valuable resource created specifically to address the challenges and needs of our community and should serve as the foundation for our efforts to transform our region,” Wallace said.
The second phase of the “Get Moving!” initiative is the “MAINTAIN - Don’t Gain Challenge” which urges employers to promote employee participation in registering online and recording their weight throughout the holiday season. Once registered, participants receive a Physical Activity Log, Weight Log, MAINTAIN. Don’t Gain Recipe Book and a Weekly Newsletter with helpful tips.
Those who stay within one pound of their pre-holiday weight will receive a Completion Certificate and in some cases a chance to win prizes sponsored by their employer.
Tim Reed, interim director of the United Way and a Regional Health Council member, likened the competitive aspect of the challenge and the “Get Moving!” initiative to the distance runner that competes with his or her best past performance.
“The activities incorporated in the “Get Moving!” campaign mark the first small steps in what can become a long-term lifestyle change and a healthier community as a whole,” Reed said. “The Regional Health Council will continue to sponsor initiatives designed to address the health issues that negatively impact quality of life in our community.”
The “Get Moving!” handbook and registration for the ‘MAINTAIN. Don’t Gain Challenge” are available on the counties’ web sites at and