Picente: Oneida County and New Hartford 911 Center Merger Complete

Today marks the official transition in the move that the New Hartford 911 Center has taken to Oneida County Emergency Services, County Executive Anthony Picente, Jr. announced today. This was done in an effort to consolidate services and produce a cost savings to taxpayers.   

As a result of the two year long collaborative effort, the Oneida County 911 Center is expected to save the town of New Hartford in excess of $600,000 next year. During the transition, 11 part-time dispatch positions were able to be eliminated.
“We will continue to look into areas and departments to find ways to consolidate and streamline services, with the ultimate goal to provide taxpayers with efficient services at lower costs,” said Oneida County Executive Picente.
Planning was a critical component of the transition, and officials from both sides agreed that the constant flow of communication has made for a very easy move for the New Hartford dispatchers as well as the Oneida County dispatchers.
Oneida County Legislator Frederick Sadallah, whose district includes New Hartford, said, “I have been a proponent of this consolidation effort, and have worked with the both the County and the Town of New Hartford to ensure this would not present any additional costs to New Hartford taxpayers, while maintaining the same quality of service that the residents are accustomed to.”
Oneida County Legislator Brian Miller, whose district also includes parts of New Hartford, agreed that this coordinated consolidation effort is an important step. “During these financially difficult times, we need to do all we can to provide relief to taxpayers. This move will provide some of that relief, and is a step in the right direction,” said Miller.