Weather Forecast Delays Aerial Spraying

“Dry, Calm Conditions Needed for Desired Effect” 
The aerial spraying of approximately 30-thousand acres of land in parts of western Oneida County has been postponed as a result of less than ideal weather conditions forecast for today and tonight, health department officials announced today.  

“We had planned to conduct the spraying of Kontrol 30-30 beginning about 6:00 pm this evening and complete the application to about 50 square miles by dark,” Dan Gilmore, Director of Environmental Health. He added, “According to the National Weather Service, there is a chance of showers and 5-10 mile per hour winds, either of which would greatly reduce the effectiveness of the spray. Rain is also forecast for tomorrow so as it stands now, spraying will most likely take place Thursday, August 26th beginning at about 6:00 pm.”
The New York State Department of Health strongly urged the spraying of a low concentrate pesticide designed to kill adult mosquitoes after five mosquito pools collected in western Oneida County tested positive to Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). While the agent used poses no human health risks, it is advised that people in the spray area remain indoors with their doors and windows closed while the spraying is conducted and for an hour after spraying is complete. Pets, lawn furniture and children’s toys should be brought indoors and gardens should be covered. Anything left outdoors in the spray area should be washed before using.  
The mosquitoes found to be infected with EEE generally feed on birds and while cases of human illness are rare, it is fatal in about a third of the cases and causes neurological disorders in those who survive. EEE is always fatal in horses.
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