Picente Honors Probation, Parole Officers

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. today honored local probation and parole officers, calling them a vital and unheralded part of the county’s public safety network.

“The community corrections system relies upon the efforts of dedicated individuals who enforce the law while helping offenders rehabilitate their lives,” Picente said. “These vital members of the justice system have a tremendous responsibility because their caseload is reflected in the community, and they must make public safety their top priority while also doing everything they can to help men and women who have broken the law get a new start on a better life that will avoid recidivism.”

Picente issued a proclamation declaring today “Probation, Parole and Community Supervision Day.”  Picente was joined by Probation Director David Tomidy along with a number of probation officers.

Tomidy said, “The job we do in partnership with all of our law enforcement partners is designed to protect the people of the community by enforcing the rules imposed by the courts upon those we supervise, and that individuals take advantage of the opportunity they have been given. Tomidy said  Probation Officers’ duties include surveillance of sex offenders, implementation of alternatives to incarceration programs that lower costs while increasing an offender’s ability to support a family and anti-DWI efforts to keep repeat DWI offenders off the road

“Probation and Parole are every bit as vital in our system of public safety as the police, courts and corrections because they have a very difficult dual mission of protecting the public, while also providing an individual an opportunity for rehabilitation,” Picente said. “That’s a lot of responsibility, and I commend all of our Oneida County Probation Officers and the state Parole Officers who work in partnership with them for all their work to protect the people of OneidaCounty.”