Picente Names May ‘Older Citizens Month’

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. today announced that he has proclaimed the month of May “Older Citizens Month” in Oneida County in recognition of the contributions of older citizens to the future, present and past of Oneida County’s communities. 

“Older citizens are a valuable part of our society through the many ways they care for those in need in our communities, protect and preserve the values handed down to them from their ancestors, provide mentoring to new workers in thousands of workplaces, and provide countless volunteer hours,” Picente said in his proclamation. “Older citizens have broken barriers and pre-conceptions about aging, making this year’s theme of ‘Age Strong Live Long’  an appropriate way to focus upon the active, energetic lifestyles of leadership and action that are part of the lives of thousands of local older citizens.”

Picente saluted the county’s older citizens as “Oneida County’s greatest reservoir of experience, talent” and praised their “ability to make a difference in lives and communities through their commitments to helping friends, family and communities and their perspectives that can help guide our region as we face our challenges.”
“Older Americans in the 21st Century are valued members of society who are leaders in our communities through their efforts in government, civic groups, churches, and in providing leadership to family members who rely upon their, wisdom and caring for support in these times.” Picente said.