Picente: County Offices Consolidate in Rome To Increase Convenience for Rome Residents

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr., today announced that several Oneida County Departments providing services in Rome are moving to 300 West Dominick Street in Rome effective Monday, May 24th.
“Consolidating these offices under one roof makes life easier for people whose needs and concerns overlap departmental lines, so that they do not have to go from place to place when they need help,” Picente said. “This is also a great advantage for our staff, because as they work together, they will have a better understanding of programs and services offered by other departments, so they can help the people of the county who come to us looking for answers. We are providing better service and doing it with greater efficiency.”
Picente also noted that the West Dominick Street location, the former site of retailer Herb Philipson’s Army and Navy, has extensive parking for the convenience of residents who need to visit the offices.
Departments located at the 300 West Dominick Street building include:
Department of Social Services: DSS services available at the Rome office will include Temporary Assistance, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Child Support, Resources, Adult and Childrens’ Services, Legal, Employment, HEAP and Day care.
Working Solutions: Oneida County Workforce Development and its partners, including the New York State Department of Labor, will be relocating to the 300 West Dominick Street building throughout the week.
Health Department Clinic: Staff will be on hand as of Monday, although state inspection and approval will be required before the full range of services can be offered to the public.
“Any relocation has a few days of transition, but even if we are not fully up to speed from the start, the doors will be open and we will be ready to help the people of Oneida County,” Picente said.  “I am also very confident that this new office space will make a major difference on our ability to better serve the people of central and western Oneida County now and in the years to come.”