Countdown Begins on Remodeling, Repairing and Paint Rules

New EPA Regs Aimed at Decreasing Lead Poisoning”

In less than a month, all contractors who perform renovations, painting and remodeling that might disturb lead-based paint in houses, child care facilities and schools built before 1978 will be required to meet stricter guidelines under the new regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Oneida County Health Department officials said today.

“As of April 22nd, anyone who is paid to perform remodeling work, repairs or painting that disturbs lead-based paint must have received training and certification under the new Renovation, Remodeling and Painting (RRP) Rule,” Acting Director of Health Dan Gilmore said. “In addition, the new regulations mandate that contractors follow lead safe work practices to prevent lead contamination when performing work.”

Gilmore stressed that anyone who is paid to do general contracting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, window replacement and painting must be able to provide proof that they have completed a lead safe practices training course. Those who have completed the training and can produce their certificate need only complete a refresher class. Homeowners performing work in their own homes are not covered by these new regulations unless they receive compensation as in a landlord/tenant situation. Non-compliance can result in stiff fines.
County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. said Oneida County will continue to assist area contractors in meeting compliance with the new EPA regulations by conducting more in a series of Renovation, Remodeling and Painting instructional classes and Refresher RRP classes that began in 2009.
“Through our Lead Primary Prevention Program, Oneida County has and will continue to be proactive in facilitating contactor compliance with the changes in the law,” Picente said. “The instructional courses being held and the free educational materials available on our web site equip area contractors with the knowledge and skills required to perform their work properly while protecting Oneida County residents, particularly the children, from the threat of lead poisoning.”
Initial RRP classes will be offered at the Keller Building at 616 Mary Street in Utica at the following dates and times: 
  • Monday, April 12th 
  • Monday, May 10th
  • Monday, June 7th
  • Monday, July 12th
  • Monday, August 9th
  • Monday, September 9th     
Each 8-hour class runs from 8:15 am to 5:15 pm and requires a $195 fee.
Four hour Refresher RRP classes for those who can provide certification that they have received the initial training require a $135 fee and are scheduled from 8:15 am to 12:15 pm at the Keller Building on the following dates 
  • Tuesday, April 13th
  • Tuesday, May 11th
  • Tuesday, June 8th
  • Tuesday, July 13th
  • Tuesday, August 10th
  • Tuesday, September 14th
To register for any of these classes, or for more information call the Lead Primary Prevention Program at 266-6147.
According to health department officials RRP classes are also being offered through some area retail home building supply stores.
For more information on the new EPA regulations and the legal obligations for property owners read the EPA’s Small Entity Compliance Guide  which can be downloaded from our web site at >Lead Recalls and Information>Contractor Section>EPA/Compliance Guide or visit our office at 185 Genesee Street in Utica for a free copy. Review the Renovate Right pamphlet also available in multiple languages on our web site.