Some Vaccine in Latest Recall Administered by Oneida County Health Department

“Potency of Nasal Spray Vaccine in Question –Safety Not an Issue ”

The Oneida County Health Department’s current supply of H1N1 flu vaccine will not be affected by the latest voluntary manufacturer’s recall of the product, Daniel W. Gilmore, Acting Director of the department said.

“For the second time, one of four manufacturers producing the nation’s supply of H1N1 vaccine has voluntarily withdrawn certain batches of their product because of concerns that it had lost some potency since its manufacture,” Gilmore said. He continued, “However, in this instance about 400 doses of the vaccine were administered by the Health Department beginning in October, but none remains in our inventory at this time.”

As part of the manufacturer’s routine testing of their product’s shelf life, it was found that the potency of thirteen batches of MedImmune’s H1N1 nasal spray had either fallen slightly below pre-specified limits or were expected to fall below those limits in the coming weeks. Gilmore stressed all the products passed tests for purity and safety and pose no health or safety concerns.   
After learning of the voluntary recall, Health Department staff checked inventory lot numbers and were able to determine that 500 doses of the affected product was received. One hundred doses was given to another provider while the remaining 400 were administered to healthy persons 2-years to 49-years of age in October, November and early December Gilmore said.
“During the period when most of the vaccine was used, the potency would most likely not have been a concern,” Gilmore said. He added, “In any event, the manufacturer remains confident that the vaccine is still effective. Additionally, children younger than 9-years of age who may received vaccine from one of the recalled batches would have to get a second dose four weeks after the first for optimal immune response.” 
A total of 4.7-million doses of vaccine being recalled was distributed throughout the country.