Oneida County Confirms H1N1 Death

‘Adult Resident Succumbs to Complications of Flu’

An adult resident of Oneida County who had a confirmed case of novel H1N1 influenza has died from complications of the viral infection, Oneida County Health Department officials announced today. 

This marks the second fatality attributed to the H1N1 virus in Oneida County since the outbreak was first diagnosed earlier this year. In July, an adolescent with an underlying medical condition who resided in the county and who had been identified as the area’s fifth case of H1N1 flu, died in a Syracuse hospital, according to Dr. Daniel W. Gilmore, Acting Director of Health.

“As in the previous case, H1N1 played a part in the death of this patient who had an underlying medical condition,” Gilmore said.    
Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. expressed sympathy on behalf of the entire community upon learning of the death.
“Any unexpected loss of life is a personal tragedy for both the family and the community,” Picente said. He added, “Our thoughts are with the family at this time.”
Picente reminded residents that more than 36-thousand Americans die from seasonal influenza annually and emphasized that vaccine is being made available as soon as it’s received by the County, particularly to pregnant women, children and young adults most vulnerable to H1N1.
Gilmore again urged residents to take steps to prevent the spread of H1N1 and seasonal influenza, including getting the vaccine when it becomes available to them.
“The importance of practicing proper hygiene including frequent hand washing and covering coughs and sneezes, as well as staying home from school and work if you’re sick with flu-like symptoms and remaining home for 24 hours after a fever subsides, cannot be stressed strongly enough during this flu season,” Gilmore said.