Smoke testing will continue in two additional communities next week to help determine the extent and location of needed repairs for the sewer systems in those municipalities.

The smoke testing is part of the analysis being performed for the Oneida County Sewer District Sanitary Sewer Overflow Abatement Program.
Next week’s schedule plan is: 
  • Monday, October 12 and Tuesday, October 13, in the Village of Whitesboro, from Westmoreland Road to the NYS Thruway
  • Wednesday, October 14 and Thursday, October 15, testing will occur in the Village of Clayville.
The smoke is highly visual, but it is non-toxic, non-staining, does not create a fire hazard and dissipates within a few minutes, according to Steve Devan, Oneida County Commissioner of Water Quality and Water Pollution Control.
During the testing, technicians are available to property owners to speak with residents about where the smoke is exiting, and how any sewer problems may be fixed. Citizens only need to approach the contractors with their questions.
In addition, to help avoid smoke entering the home through little-used drains (such as a cellar), residents can fill the drain trap with 3 cups of water before the testing is done.
Smoke testing is done is to show where leaks, faulty connections and broken pipes are located in the system. Such problems can allow clean rainwater to seep into the sewer system, overwhelming its capacity and causing overflows. For this reason, residents may see smoke exiting the manholes, where it is pumped in, and in other locations – such as through the ground, yard and area drains, vent stacks on buildings, and foundation drains.