Picente: Oneida County Residents Will Be Able To Apply for Food Stamps Online

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. today announced that beginning October 1st, Oneida County will be working in partnership with the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance to accept Public Online Food Stamp Applications under a new pilot program begun by the state. E-applications will be available on line beginning October 1st at www.mybenefits.ny.gov, or by following the links from the Social Services Department page on Oneida County’s web site, www.ocgov.net.  

“Applying on line eliminates the need for residents, including working families, to apply at either county offices or community agencies that have been facilitating food stamp enrollment. It is a way that low-income working families needing food stamps can more easily participate in this program,” Picente said. “No one is going to get more or less of a benefit because they apply on line and the requirements to qualify remain the same; it is simply a more efficient way to help people get the benefits to which they are entitled by law. On-line applications will be reviewed for eligibility, just like every other form of application.”
Picente said that County workers will continue to accept applications. Designated Community Based Organizations such as Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency or the Food Bank that have been helping area residents file for food stamps will still be able to assist potential Food Stamp applicants to e-file for food stamps.
Picente said that any applicant who applies for food stamps on line will be required to have a telephone interview and submit all required documentation. He noted that documentation can be mailed, eliminating the need for travel to County Government offices. “Food stamps are an important benefit for working families and those without anyone in the household currently employed,” Picente said. “Families that meet the income levels for food stamps should be taking advantage of this benefit so they can make ends meet without anyone in the family going hungry.”