Picente, DePerno Warn Against Using Unofficial Web Site to Renew Registrations

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. and Oneida County Clerk Sandra DePerno today advised Oneida County residents to be alert regarding a Web site that purposes to renew vehicle registrations but is in fact not connected with state or county government offices. 

Picente and DePerno said that site, DMVAuthority.org claims that New York State residents can renew their registrations on line by using the site. DePerno said that the Web site is not authorized to renew registrations, and that any drivers doing business with the site could end up as victims of a scheme to deceive consumers.

“When a Web site requires extensive personal information, as this one does, just to get to a basic level of service, that should be a warning that the site may not be all that it appears to be,” Picente said. “The Internet can be a source of convenience, but also a source of scams. We want to help Oneida County consumers distinguish the difference.”
DePerno encouraged Oneida County residents to use local DMV and County Clerk offices to renew their registrations. “Although we are not aware of any Oneida County residents who have been taken in by this site, we are very concerned that someone looking to renew a registration could be fooled by the site’s appearance into thinking it is an official Web site, when it is not,” she said.  
DePerno and Picente said that DMVAuthority.org is currently under investigation by the DMV and the State Attorney General’s office. If anyone has used the site, they should contact the Attorney General’s Office. The general help line number is: 1-800-771-7755, or, go to: www.oag.state.ny.us.