Smoke testing moves to the Village of Oriskany beginning Tuesday, August 11, in the next phase of engineering analysis being performed as part of the Oneida County Sewer District Sanitary Sewer System Overflow Abatement project. 

The process of testing sewer lines for leaks, broken pipes, and faulty connection is a standard industry practice. Smoke testing is done by pumping non-toxic, non-odorous, artificially-created smoke into the sewer lines through manholes, and monitoring where the smoke exits. The artificial smoke presents no hazard and dissipates with a few minutes, according to Steve Devan, Oneida County Commissioner of Water Quality and Water Pollution control.

Devan noted that residents are welcome to approach testing contractors with their questions, particularly if they have a situation where smoke is exiting from their lawns
or homes. The contractors are available to consult with homeowners about their questions while the testing is underway, to help advise how any identified problems may be fixed.
Also, Devan said, anyone who has a little-used drain (such as in a cellar) may want to fill the drain trap with 3 cups of water before the testing is done to help prevent smoke from entering the home through the drain during testing.
Since smoke testing cannot be done during heavy rain, weather and other factors often can shift planned smoke-testing schedules, contractors noted.
For more information and background on the SSO Abatement Project,
review the information located at the Oneida County Water Quality and Water Pollution Control's Website