Contractor crews for the Oneida County Sewer District will be testing sewer lines in the Town of Whitestown this week as part of the engineering study for the District’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow Abatement Project. 

 Neighborhoods slated for smoke testing this week are: 

  • The area bounded by Rayhill Trail, Middle Settlement Road, Sadaquada Apartments, and Clark Mills Road (including Glen Haven, Devereaux Estates, Forest Glen, Strawberry Fields, and Amber Crossing).
  • Dunham Manor east of Hollywood Drive, Clinton Street between Hollywood Drive and Balsam Circle and Herthum Road and side streets.           
The test locates leaks, faulty connections and broken pipelines in the system. Such problems can allow clean rainwater to seep into the sewer system, overwhelming its capacity and causing overflows, according to Steve Devan, Oneida County Commissioner of Water Quality and Water Pollution Control, whose office is overseeing the district project. 
During the test, non-toxic, artificially created smoke is put into the sewer line, then the line is monitored to see where the smoke exits the system. Residents may see smoke exiting through the ground, yard and area drains, manholes, vent stacks on buildings, and foundation drains. Devan noted that the smoke has no odor, is non-toxic, non-staining, does not create a fire hazard and dissipates within a few minutes. 
For more information and background on the SSO Abatement Project,
,review the information located at the Oneida County Water Quality and Water Pollution Control's Website