Picente Announces Grant to Help Verona Complete Firefighter Training Complex

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr., today announced that Oneida County has awarded the Verona Volunteer Fire Department a $5,000 grant to complete the Western Oneida County training complex. 

“Upgrading the skills and training for our volunteer firefighters is a major county priority,” Picente said. “As our society goes green and adapts to new building materials, our firefighters must keep pace with the changes by taking their training to the next level, while also ensuring that basic firefighting skills are continually sharpened for the safety of the firefighters themselves.”

Picente said that the funding comes from the Oneida County Government Emergency Services budget.
“A well-trained, effective volunteer fire department is a tremendous asset to any community,” Picente said. “I applaud the interest Verona has demonstrated in beginning this facility, and I am happy that County Government is able to step in at the time of very scarce resources and put Verona over the top to complete the facility.”