Picente Calls On Senators Griffo, Valesky To Get Immediate Action on Oneida County Sales Tax Bill

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr., today called upon State Senators Joseph A. Griffo and David Valesky to get action on a sales tax bill that is not currently on a list of items for action by the state Senate.

“This is not a question of who has the majority or who is in charge; this is a question of getting the people’s business done and avoiding a revenue disaster for the people of Oneida County,” Picente said. “Approval of this legislation is not a partisan issue for one party or the other; it is simply responding to action taken at the local level.”
Picente said that it is urgent that the local bill be approved, and called upon the two senators – one from each party -- to ensure that Oneida County’s needs are not overlooked when and if the State Senate comes to an agreement.
“Failure to approve the bill to extend the county’s sales tax would have the effect of opening up a huge revenue hole in the county budget and doing vast damage to taxpayers,” Picente said. “The Assembly has acted; the Oneida County Board of Legislators has acted. We need the New York State Senate to act as well – and we need action now.”