Picente Supports Microstamping; Bill Passes State Assembly, Awaits State Senate Consideration

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. today announced his support for ammunition microstamping. Microstamping is a technology that uses a laser to make engravings on the internal mechanism of a gun. This is done so that when the gun is fired, this specific engraving is imprinted onto the casing, identifying which gun the casing came from. This legislation would mean all new models of all semiautomatic firearms manufactured in the state would possess the capability of microstamping ammunition.

“I fully support this legislation and its goal of aiding in the apprehension and conviction of individuals involved in gun related crimes,” Picente said. “Technology is constantly advancing and I believe that it is most important to utilize every available technology in order to solve crimes that have been committed.”
County Executive Picente, along with Utica Mayor David Roefaro, Utica Police Chief Daniel LaBella, and The Utica Police Department are vigorously endorsing this proposed bill and this new technology.
Utica Mayor David Roefaro said, “I applaud the County Executive for once again, working across the aisle to support this important legislation. Utica and Oneida County will continue to work together on finding innovative ways to transform public safety.”
New York’s Microstamping bill was passed last week in the state Assembly, sponsored by Michelle Schimel (D-Great Neck). She stressed that, “At present, murderers are firing anonymous ammunition.” Picente agreed saying, “I sent a letter to the Assemblywoman in April, expressing my support. This is a technology that will help solve crimes and give an identity to a weapon even if it’s never found.”
Over 70 police and sheriff departments around the state have endorsed the technology, and the cost to the manufacturer would be minimal, roughly a few dollars per gun. Picente also pointed out that California will be putting microstamping into law in 2010.