Picente Announces More Funding For Oneida County Summer Jobs Program

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr today announced that Oneida County will receive $364,623 in state-allocated Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funds to support this summer’s Oneida County Summer Youth Employment Program. This funding comes in addition to more than $600,000 available for youth programs through the federal American Recovery and Re-investment Act.

“The lessons that are learned through the Summer Youth Employment Program will help you long after summer has ended,” Picente said. “There are lessons that are only learned at a workplace – lessons about teamwork, about diversity and about the kinds of success young people can have by putting their enthusiasm, energy and creativity to work for an employer. Whether the lesson youth will learn this summer s about showing up on time or how great it is to have a paycheck, the Summer Youth Employment Program provides valuable experience.”
Last year, the Summer Youth Employment Program provided about 300 youth with employment, said Oneida County Workforce Development Director David Mathis. This year’s fund will provide employment slots for more youth, Mathis estimated.
Mathis said the 5-week-long Summer Youth Employment Program provides about 20 hours per week of work experience. Youth earn $7.25 per hour. “Because this program targets youth who do not have the connections to find work any other way, this is their only hope for the summer. I want to thank Gov. Paterson and our state legislators who supported the program. This is a great investment in these young people,” Mathis said.  
To be eligible for the Oneida County Summer Youth Employment Program,  youths must be between the ages of 14 and 18 and meet certain income criteria. Application forms are available on line on Oneida County’s Web site, www.ocgov.net.