Picente: Oneida County Announces Children Care Initiative

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. today announced a partnership between Oneida County and community agencies to help local youth learn the lessons of community service while also learning important lessons about teamwork.

“Community service should be an integral part of the development of our youth, because if we do not teach them the importance of forming a strong community connection as young people, they will never learn how much the efforts of one person can impact a community problem, and how much a group of young people working together can help resolve an issue in a neighborhood or a community,” Picente said.
Picente said the Oneida County Children Care initiative is a collaboration between the Youth Bureau and the agencies the Youth Bureau funds that provide programming for youth. The intent of the project is to teach children the invaluable lessons of community service through volunteerism. “We want our children to be good neighbors in their communities, make their communities a better place to live and aid in providing more worthwhile services while maximizing limited resources,” Picente said.
Picente said that the Youth Bureau is proud of the safe, positive and innovative programming that Youth Bureau-funded agencies provide. “Their on-going and tireless work contributes daily in making our Oneida County communities healthier, happier and safer,” said Youth Bureau Director Robert Roth.
Roth said that the goal of the Oneida County Children Care initiative, an initiative of civic engagement, is to take the learned lessons these agencies teach and apply them in their communities. “Oneida County Children Care begins this year and, we hope, will continue to grow by teaching our youth to be involved, community conscious citizens,” Roth said.
Roth said that the volunteer and community service opportunities to be undertaken will be selected by the Youth Bureau-funded partners.