Office of the Fire Coordinator

The Oneida County Fire Coordinator’s Office is staffed by a full time County Fire Coordinator, also known as the Director of Emergency Services. By dividing the County into four zones, the Fire Coordinator is assisted in executing his duties by five part-time Deputy Fire Coordinators, one for each of the zones and one responsible for Hazardous Materials response operations. And, working with the County Health Department, the Fire Coordinator is also assisted by a part-time County EMS Coordinator.

The County Fire Coordinator administers the Oneida County Mutual Aid plan. His role is not that of an on-scene commander, but to assist with and advise the local fire officer in the response of the necessary resources to handle the given situation. He also oversees the operation and maintenance of the County’s Mutual Aid radio system.

The County Fire Coordinator acts as the Regional Fire Administrator upon activation of the New York State Fire Mobilization Plan, organizing local resources and advising the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control on utilization of those resources.

The Fire Coordinator’s Office also plans, coordinates, and implements training at the local level with curriculum developed by the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC) to the hundreds of firefighters, related governmental officers and other emergency response personnel in Oneida County . He is assisted in providing this OFPC Outreach Program by five local New York State Certified Fire Instructors.

Firefighter II Class at the Remsen Training site.  NYS OFPC Instructor Chad Powers

Oneida County Fire Training Facility at Whitestown. 

Fire Coordinator
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