statewide immunization

2022 Statewide Immunization Virtual Meeting

This year NYSACHO’s statewide Immunization Virtual Meeting was held on May 10 and 11. Marina an RN at the clinic, was invited to present on the IQIP portion (Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers) of the IAP (Immunization Action Plan). This QI portion involves clinic nurses meeting with providers to discuss the challenges and strengths of each provider over many visits. As part of the IAP grant, Oneida County must visit 11 providers annually. Alexandra Hamburg, Health Program Administrator for the Bureau of Immunization, asked Marina to present since Oneida County had a really strong start with the IQIP program. Melanie Adams, Director of Clinical Services, had the opportunity to be in the breakout group and hear Marina’s fantastic presentation, which helped other counties with the challenges they face. It was a great way for her to assist others who were feeling overwhelmed. This is a new concept and so glad that Oneida County has been able to achieve a great start and train other counties. I’m very happy and proud of our staff who are instrumental in the community teaching public health! 

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