Immediate Release

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Contact: Patrice Bogan, M.S.F.N.P.
Director of Clinical Services, 798-5747

First Flu Clinic Scheduled for Friday

     The first of the Oneida County Health Department’s series of public flu clinics for 2008 will be held on Friday, October 17th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the department’s Clinic Building at 406 Elizabeth Street in Utica .  

     “Adequate supplies of vaccine and a total of twenty-three clinics scheduled around the County throughout October and November means that everyone who wants a flu shot should be able to get one,” said Patrice Bogan, Director of Clinical Services for the health department. “Unlike previous years, we’re recommending the flu shot for just about everybody who wants the best available protection from influenza.”

     A flu shot won’t guarantee you won’t get the flu, but it is effective against the three most common strains of the seasonal virus, health department officials say.  The vaccine will also shorten the duration and lessen the severity of the flu should it develop.  Health Department officials stress that it’s impossible to get the flu from the flu shot as some people mistakenly believe.

     Bogan says those people who should get a flu shot include:

·         Children 6 months up to their 19th birthday

·         People 50 years of age and older

·         Pregnant women

·         People with chronic medical conditions

·        People who live in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities

·         Health Care Workers

·         Anyone who wants to protect themselves and their families from influenza and related illnesses 

     Adults not covered by Medicaid or Medicare Part B will be charged $22.00 for the flu shot.  Those with a Medicare Managed Plan who choose not to get the flu shot from their primary care provider will be charged the $22.00 fee.  Because children’s flu immunization differs from the adults, children’s (18 years and younger) clinics will be scheduled at different times.  Call the Oneida County Health Clinic at 798-5747 for times and vaccine availability.

     In addition to getting a flu shot, there are preventive steps that can be taken to reduce your risk of getting the flu:

·         Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and frequently

·          Cover coughs and sneezes

·        Avoid people who have flu-like symptoms

·         Eat healthy and get plenty of rest

·         If you are sick, stay home from work or school

     If you get the flu, consult your primary care physician.  He may want to prescribe an anti-viral drug that will shorten your illness and lessen its severity.

     For more information on influenza or for information on times and locations of influenza clinics near you, call the Oneida County Health Department at 798-5747 or visit our web site at