Title V: Senior Employment Program

Yes You Can!  You can go back to work.  Today more and more retirees are returning to the work place, and for good reason.  Employers are always on the lookout for reliable, dependable workers.  Oneida County Office for the Aging and Continuing Care in conjunction with Oneida County Workforce Development has an opportunity for you.  Under Title V of the Older Americans Act the Senior Community Service Employment Program allows eligible individuals 55 and older a chance to supplement their income.  Mature job seekers learn new skills and update current skills while working, allowing them to be more competitive in the search for unsubsidized employment.  We work with the local Working Solutions office to provide greater opportunities for employment. 

For Information and Eligibility Guidelines Call
Oneida County Office for Aging & Continuing Care

Helpful Websites:

NYS Department of Labor

Working Solutions