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Rescue Tech Basic
Provide a base from which to prepare students for a wide variety of possible rescue operations. This course includes an overview in areas of specialized rescue, search, technical rescue management, risks and priorities; use of ropes, knots and rope systems in a low angle environment, and establishment of landing zones for helicopter operations.
Demonstrations, practice sessions and testing are included.
Starting Date:  February 12, 2018
Location:  Woodgate Fire Department
Instructor:  Robert Cowles

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Basic Exterior FF Operations (BEFO) -  Class is Full
This course prepares new firefighters to operate under direct supervision in the exterior or non-IDLH areas of the fire scene. Students participate in training covering firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE), self-contained breathing apparatus inspection and cylinder changing, fire department communications, building construction and fire behavior, modern fire control research, portable fire extinguishers, rope and knot tying, ground ladders, forcible entry, tactical ventilation theory, water supply, hose and fire streams, loss control, orientation to fire origin and cause determination, fire prevention and life safety initiatives, confined space awareness, overview of first aid and buddy care, and Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations.
Graduates should be committed to exterior firefighting operations only. This course will not place the student in IDLH or contaminated atmospheres.

NOTE: NO WAIVERS FROM WRITTEN TESTS OR PRACTICAL SKILLS ARE ALLOWED. EACH STUDENT MUST PASS BOTH THE WRITTEN EVALUATIONS AND ALL SKILLS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A BEFO 2016 ED.W/ HMFRO CERTIFICATE. The Office of Fire Prevention and Control will not issue certificates of attendance. If a student does not pass the BEFO 2016 Ed. w/HMFRO course they will not be allowed to enroll in a SCBA/ Interior Firefighting Operations – FF-1 course.
Starting Date:  February 28, 2018
Location:  Westmoreland Fire Department
Instructor:  Trevor Goodenough

Engine Company Operations
Engine Company Operations is intended to build on skills and knowledge established in the Firefighter 1 course. In this course we will broaden the knowledge and skill base of handline selection, handline placement, handline operation, as well as nozzle operation and selection, and standpipe operations.  This course is designed to meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities outlined in NFPA 1410: Standard on Training for Initial Emergency Scene Operations. The course will culminate with a Live Burn Exercise that focuses on handline placement and operational efficiency of the Engine Company.
Starting Date:  March 12, 2018
Location:  Yorkville Fire Department
Instructor:  Brendan Dunn

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